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Alliance wood hogs, hammermills and crushers are designed with safety, efficiency and durability in mind. Quick Access doors and the Split Top feature allow for faster and safer maintenance. Part replacement is improved with a fully exposed interior. Access doors open on the front and back of the machine for hassle free inspection and part replacement. Our machines are constructed with heavy duty frames for maximum performance and long life.

The Doors

The front Quick Access doors allow for safe replacement of hammers, breaker bars, liners and screens. These refrigerator-style doors open quickly for less downtime but can be securely fastened with wedge locks and a safety bar. To access the interior, the bar slides out in either direction. There are only six bolts on the front door that need to be removed, making the entire process possible in about two minutes.

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Disc-type rotors allow for flexibility of hammer arrangements.

Wedge locks add to the safe and secure design.

A safety bar keeps the Quick Access doors securely closed.

Rotor lockouts hold the rotor in place during maintenance.

Back Doors

The back doors also include the Quick Access feature. With easier entry from both sides of the machine, maintenance is efficient and safe.

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Back doors allow for quick and easy maintenance.

Several grate designs are available to fit any application.

Bolts can be removed with a single tool.

The rotor is locked down during part replacements.

Split Top

Alliance wood hogs and crushers have a Split Top feature for improved access to the rotor and other critical components. The rotor is fully exposed and can be safely removed.

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Parts can be serviced conveniently.

Lifting eyes are durable for maximum strength and safety.

Screens and ledge supports can be configured for any application.

The rotor is fully accessible with the Split Top feature.